Foreign companies with temporary operations in Sweden

Temporary operations means that the company intends to operate in Sweden for no later than 12 months. The agreement between the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and the Swedish Trade Union Confederation (LO) and between the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise and the Council for Negotiation and Co-operation (PTK) concerns companies domiciled in the EU/EEA that have temporary business activities in Sweden. Through a collective agreement, the company must have committed itself to sign up for the insurance.

Collective insurance policies

Insurance contracts with Fora and Collectum should be concluded as of the collective agreement date. The premise is that all insurance should be taken out, with some exceptions:

  • Group life insurance (TGL) and work injury insurance (TFA) are always taken out.
  • Career readjustment insurance for wage earners and career readjustment agreements for salaried employees are not taken out.
  • Group health insurance for wage earners and ITP disability pension for salaried employees are not taken out if employers can show that the employee is covered by social security schemes in another EU/EEA member state.
  • If contributions towards a supplementary retirement pension in the home country are still being paid, then wage earners can be excluded from SAF-LO Collective Pension, and salaried employees can be excluded from ITP retirement and family pensions as well as from ITP supplementary retirement pensions.

Exemptions from these rules must be requested from Fora for wage earners and from Collectum for salaried employees.

Some companies can be granted an exemption after a special assessment by Fora’s insurance board and Collectum’s ITP board. These include companies domiciled outside the EU/EEA that run temporary business operations in Sweden and that through a collective agreement have committed themselves to signing up for insurance. Foreign companies that operate in Sweden for longer than twelve months may also be granted an exemption from the insurance cover after a special assessment.