New member of an employer association

Is your company a new member of an employer association? If so, your company must normally take out a collective insurance scheme, including pensions, for your employees.

New member of an employer organisation

As a new member of an employer association, your company also becomes a member of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. Through membership, your company is usually bound by a collective agreement. The collective agreement stipulates the obligation to take out collective insurance for employees.

Take out your collective insurance

Depending on whether your employees are wage earners or salaried employees, different insurance and occupational pension solutions apply.


Enroll your wage earners with:

Enroll your salaried employees with:

What you get when you take out a collective insurance scheme

  • Security for your employees during various life events  like retirement, parental leave, illness, lack of work, work-related injury and death.
  • Security for you as the employer by ensuring that your employees have a good insurance cover and earn money towards their retirement.

Because the insurance is agreed collectively, it provides good terms and conditions. For example, tough requirements can be placed on the insurance companies that your employees can invest their pension with, resulting in low fees.

Premiums for collective insurance

Here, we describe what the different insurance schemes and occupational pensions cost you as an employer.

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